Région d'Asco

Gorges of Asco

The gorges of Asco, are an impressive and grand parade, lined with rocky crests.

People who live in the village lived as the most isolated of the region because the construction of a road in the valley dates only 1937.

maison du mouflon
mouflon asco
I Extending over 13 km, populated with pines laricio the road is narrow and sinuous. n the heart of the valley is the river Stranciacone, with green and crystal clear waters forming natural and deep swimming pools in summer and in winter. The bathing is so pleasant as in the Restonica either still the Solenzara.

Asco of yore

Asco is renowned for its cultivations, its agro-pastoralism and here too you will find traces left by our ancestors such as:

“LES TERRASSES” (terraces) formerly fully cultivated : Cereals, fruits, vegetables.

“LES FOURS A POIX” (Resin ovens)
Resin was tapped by attaching small terracotta containers to the trunks of the Corsican pine trees and was used to caulk watercraft.

bergerBERGER” (Shepherd)
Sheep and goat breeding was the valley’s main activity. At the beginning of last century, Asco boasted the largest concentration of cattle-stocks with, in 1910, 12,900 ewes and 6,000 goats. The numerous sheepfolds bear witness to the importance of this activity.


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